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Congratulations to Zhongshan Wanjun for Passing the Mars Audit!


Zhongshan Wanjun Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. conducted an audit on June 13, 2024, fully aware of the importance of the audit, so everyone worked hard, from details to the whole, to ensure that every step complied with the standards, allowing everyone to rest assured.

This audit was conducted by Shenzhen Mars Technology Co., Ltd. in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China on the "social responsibility" and "product quality" management system for Zhongshan Wanjun Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to conduct a comprehensive audit.

 Review factory audit documents

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Shenzhen Mars Technology Co., Ltd.: "Having worked together for so many years, I have always had full confidence in Zhongshan Wanjun!"

Zhongshan Wanjun Chairman He Guangkeng believes that "when customers choose us, it is a trust; being recognized is a happiness, a responsibility, an affirmation, and the best praise for our Wanjun company. We must serve our customers well and put our company's values into practice with concrete actions."

Inspect each workshop

Zhongshan Wanjun Company actively cooperate with the factory inspection, leading customers to visit and inspect the mold workshop, die casting workshop, stamping workshop, polishing workshop, coloring workshop, packaging workshop, comprehensive office building and other areas.

Each factory inspection is an upgrade of the process standards, so that Zhongshan Wanjun crafts more quality, more security.

Stamping workshop

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asd (3).jpg

Coloring workshop

asd (4).jpg

asd (5).jpgasd (6).jpg

Workshop inspection of factory inspection is not a formality, but a responsibility and meticulous view of the process standards of the factory not only need ideas, but also need actual implementation and self-transcendence, so factory inspection inspection is very important.

Packaging workshop

asd (8).jpgasd (7).jpg

Polishing workshop

asd (10).jpgasd (9).jpg

In every inspection, it is not only to walk and take a look, but also to check, test, put forward and correct the process repeatedly, so that the standard becomes a habit.

Wanjun Showroom

asd (12).jpgasd (11).jpgasd (13).jpg

After the inspection, the customer praised our attention to the workshop safety risks, prevention, "is responsible for the staff". As well as our Wanjun product quality thumbs up! For our suggestions, Zhongshan Wanjun also carried out effective rectification in the first time!

This factory inspection has achieved good results, and the customer has made up a large order of 10w quantity! We believe that Wanjun will rely on a professional team, professional production line, with strong strength to obtain more customer trust, in order to get more orders. Chairman of Zhongshan Wanjun He Guokeng said: "This success is not an accident, but the inevitable result of every persistence. As long as we have firm confidence and work hard, success is just around the corner."