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Blockbuster! Zhongshan Wanjun company successfully passed the SEDEX 4P factory inspection, and obtained the production right of the international famous brand!

2024-06-01 09:45:24

Last week, Zhongshan Wanjun Company actively cooperated with the inspection work, smoothly passed the SEDEX 4P inspection! Successfully obtained the SMETA Certificate!



SEDEX 4P inspection is a type of audit conducted by SEDEX, which stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. The 4P stands for "Policies, Procedures, Practices, and Performance." This inspection is designed to assess a supplier's ethical and social responsibility practices, including labor standards, health and safety, environmental impact, and business ethics. The goal of the SEDEX 4P inspection is to ensure that suppliers are operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, and to provide transparency and accountability in the supply chain.


The factory inspector reviewed all the information of our company's social responsibility, checked the working environment, working conditions and staff dormitory of the workshop, and visited 10 employees to check the working conditions, salary and welfare of the staff. After the inspection, the teacher expressed his heartfelt admiration for the working environment and safety of our factory workshop!


Zhongshan Wanjun has factory inspection every year, which not only enables us to obtain the orders of the world brands, but more importantly, enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise. Wan Jun adhere to the concept is: from the day of the establishment of the enterprise, the hardware and software setting in accordance with the national standards, forming a system, strict management, consciously implemented.


In order to win the orders of international brands, many domestic enterprises must check the factory to obtain the report according to the customer requirements, and upload it to the relevant website, before they are eligible to bid and obtain the orders. Zhongshan Wanjun has a professional team, forming a professional production line, as scheduled to deliver high-quality products for domestic and foreign customers.


Wanjun company eliminated difficulties, successfully passed the factory! Independent and self-discipline abide by China's laws and regulations, improve the overall management level and competitiveness, provide employees with a working environment consistent with moral standards, attract more excellent talents, reduce the loss of high-level professionals, so that the enterprise can achieve sustainable development.