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Custom Puzzle Creative Team Running Splicing Combination Medal

Create your very own unique medals! Our custom medals are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them according to your specific needs.

  1. Available for any style, shape, size, and color.
  2. 500+ medal design templates and hundreds of elements.
  3. Fully customizable medals and free artwork.

A Combination Medal is a creative design for team award. Every little medal are not the same, and can be combined like a pizza, which symbolize the cohesion of a team, pointing out that success cannot be achieved without the efforts of a team member.

Ready to make your events truly exceptional? Explore the world of Custom Combination Medal and design your own perfect medal!


    You can custom your medal with different technology. Here introduce some of them for you.
    1.The lacquered that bake process: After stamping the medal by the special mold, inject the specified color into the designated area with a needle tube, and bake it until the paint is dry. The surface has a very obvious concave and convex sense, and the color is bright and beautiful, also, the lines are clear. the metal texture and the bright paint make the medals so exquisite.
    2.The Imitation Enamel process: After artificial grinding, the enamel products surface smooth as a mirror. The pigment used in the enamel is a special enamel paste, fine without particles, full color, rich and diverse.
    3.3D embossed process: Be made of special mold die-casting. The relief of the finished products is clear, with firm lines, vivid, full of artistic sense, very ornamental and relatively high collection value.
    4.UV Printing Process: UV printing can be customized to print all kinds of patterns without restriction; the printed patterns visually present 3D effects. The product feels uneven, with high gloss, and sometimes has the anti-scratch performance effect.


    Custom Combination Medal


    Zinc alloy, Brass, Iron, Stainless steel, Copper, Pewter


    Custom shape, 3D, 2D, Flat, Full 3D, Double side or single side


    Die casting , Stamping, Spin casting, Printing


    Custom size


    Shiny / Matte / Antique


    Nickel / Copper / Gold / Brass / Chrome / Dyed black


    Antique nickel / Antique Bronze / Antique gold /Antique silver


    Soft enamel / Synthetic enamel / Hard Enamel


    Ribbon or custom fittings


    Individual polybag packing, Quick custom barcode pack

    Pack plus

    Velvet box, Paper box, Blister Pack, Heat seal, Food safe pack

    Lead time

    3-7 days for sampling, 10-15 days after sample confirmed


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